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Michigan Attorney General opinion that PA 143’s “Existing Wireless Support Structure” does not require antennas to be existing – only the structure.

On September 26, 2013, the Michigan Attorney General issued an opinion clarifying a portion of Michigan’s recent amendments to the zoning enabling act dealing with inter alia, collocations by right.  Under the Act, collocation on an “Existing Wireless Support Structure”  is permitted by right.  At issue was whether a building...

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Upper Peninsula Wireless Initiative

On April 2, 2014, Moran Township became the latest UP municipality to pass a resolution supporting the Upper Peninsula Wireless Service Resolution. In essence, our upper peninsula communities are requesting the wireless carriers provide basic service to their residents, business and travelers. These resolutions specifically note that public safety is “jeopardized” by lack of wireless facilities and that wireless helps in terms of “safety, efficiency and growth.” Other communities that have already passed this resolution include Luce County, Missaukee County, Comins Township, Munising Township, Trout Lake Township, Columbus Township, Lakefield Township and McMillian Township. The MWA leadership plans to discuss the Upper Peninsula service and coverage with our Steering Committee in our upcoming monthly meetings.

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Scrap Metal Public Act Overview

For many years “copper theft” has plagued the wireless industry. On April 10,2014 Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law legislation aimed at cracking down on scrap metal thieves. This law will go into effect July 1,2014.

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Amendments to the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act

Amendments to the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act (Public Law 143), effective when signed into law on May 24, eliminate the challenges associated with seeking approval each time wireless antennas and equipment are added to an already approved structure, cap fees for zoning review of wireless infrastructure and shorten the zoning review process for new builds, modifications and collocations

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